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Download outline specifications / technical data sheets with descriptions of ships delivered by Remontowa S.A.:

Offshore support vessels:

J. Hugo Roff Jr. and Big Joe Tide, NED 8167 type, 67 m LOA, 102 T bollard pull AHTS (Anchor Handling Tug / Supply Vessels) for Tidewater Marine LLC, USA
ahts_102_mt_(b244_1-2).pdf (format: Acrobat Reader; size: 1.1 MB)

NED 8167 L type, 70 m LOA, 120 T bollard pull AHTS for 2006 delivery to Tidewater Marine LLC, USA
.pdf (format: Acrobat Reader; size: 1.26 MB)

NED 8167 L type, 70 m LOA, 155 T bollard pull AHTS (Anchor Handling Tug / Supply Vessels)
AHTS 155 A4.pdf (format: Acrobat Reader; size: 1,07 MB)

Cargo vessels:

7700 dwt, 532 TEU Remontowa's in-house designed multipurpose, container and project cargo carrier with two 120 T SWL cranes
rem_120.pdf (format: Acrobat Reader; size: 1.52 MB)

Multipurpose LNG, LPG and ethylene gas carrier, 7500 cbm
lng_leg_lpg.pdf (format: Acrobat Reader; size: 6.48 MB)

8870 dwt, 572 TEU ice strengthened container carrier Mary Arctica for Royal Arctic Line AS, Denmark
cv_mary_arctica.pdf (format: Acrobat Reader; size: 1.27 MB)

4050 dwt, ice strengthened open deck carriers for 2007 delivery to Gaiamare AB and Meriaura OY, Finland
OpenDeckCarriers 2007.pdf (format: Acrobat Reader; size: 1.57 MB)

Special vessels:

84 m LOA Fishery Protection Vessel for 2007 delivery to Scottish Fisheries Protection Agency
fpv.pdf (format: Acrobat Reader; size: 1.1 MB)

B 843 type, 45 m LOA, 340 persons Ice Breaking Emergency Evacuation Vessels (IBEEV) for Caspian Sea oil fields
ibeev.pdf (format: Acrobat Reader; size: 2.53 MB)

84 m LOA, 32 T bollard pull, 1250 dwt Multi-Function Buoy Tenders (MFBT's)
for 2006-2007 delivery to Northern Lighthouse Board & Trinity House Lighthouse Service, UK
MFTB 2007.pdf (format: Acrobat Reader; size: 1.95 MB)

39 m LOA Rapid Intervention Vessel (RIV) for Trinity House Lighthouse Service UK, delivered in 2006
riv.pdf (format: Acrobat Reader; size: 2.19 MB)

Fishing vessels:

B 336 type, 75 m LOA, purse seiner / trawler Teigenes delivered to Norwegian owners Knut and Sigurd Teige, Eggesbønes in 2005
purse_seiner_trawler_(b_336_1).pdf (format: Acrobat Reader; size: 0.42 MB)

B 334 type, 20 m LOA shrimp trawler, delivered in 2005 to Sigmund Larsen, Egersund, Norway
shrimp_trawler_(b_334_1).pdf (format: Acrobat Reader; size: 0.70 MB)

B 335 type, 20 m LOA, vivier crabber Teineskjær, delivered in 2005 by Northern Shipyard (REMONTOWA Group) to Ståle Skoge, Skogsvåg, Norway
vivier_crabber_(b335_1).pdf (format: Acrobat Reader; size: 0.77 MB)

Harbour tugboats:

B 845, 30,3 m LOA, 45 ton bollard pull harbour tug.
WUZ B845.pdf (format: Acrobat Reader; size: 2.65 MB)

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