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Virtus - an agile ship with a muscle

On March 16, 2009, the tractor tug Virtus was named, christened and commissioned under the Polish flag. The ship was built at REMONTOWA Group's Northern Shipyard (Stocznia Północna SA). The workboat had been ordered from Gdańsk based WUŻ Port and Maritime Services Ltd Sp. z o.o. The tug operates mainly in the port of Gdansk and its approaches.

The NED 8530 T design, is a coastal-harbour single-deck tractor tug, with two Schottel azimuthing thrusters, intended for assisting ships entry and exit to and from the port basins, carrying out heavy towing and escort operations in restricted area according to Polish Register Rules. The tug can operate in light ice conditions.
Towing arrangement consists of: Plimsoll hydraulically driven towing winch with two-section drum, located abaft the deckhouse on the main deck (drum capacity, divided into service and storage sections is 400 m of 55 mm dia. steel wire), with control - remote from the wheelhouse and local at the winch, as well as double towing bollard with a towing chock, located aft of the winch; single towing bollard located on the main deck at the bow and towing chock in the bulwark at the bow. The propulsion system of the tug consists of two Caterpillar diesel, four-stroke, high speed, nonreversible, turbocharged, diesel engines, cooled by box coolers, featuring maximum continuous rating of about 1765 kW each; two shaft lines and two azimuthing thrusters.

Auxiliary machinery is electrically driven. Electrical energy is provided by two diesel-driven generating sets. Each azimuthing thruster includes fixed pitch propeller of abt. 2300 mm dia in Kort nozzle. Thruster is electro-hydraulically controlled and the clutch - pneumatically. Fuel oil stores ensure 95 hours work of main engines and generating sets. Endurance of the tug for 5-person crew will be 7 days, with the ship accommodating a crew of 5 persons. The NED 8530 T type tug was designed and built in accordance with the rules and regulations of Polish Register of Shipping, to obtain class notation: * KM II L3 TUG. The ship also meets the requirements of COLREG 1972, SOLAS 1974, MARPOL-73 with updates and International Loadline Convention 1966.

Principal particulars of the ship are as follows:

Length with fenders

31.10 m

Length o.a.

30.00 m

Length between perpendiculars

28.80 m

Breadth, moulded

10.50 m

Breadth with fenders

11.10 m

Depth to main deck

3.95 m

Draught, moulded

2.70 m

Draught, maximum

5.53 m

Deadweight (abt.)

128 t

Free cruising speed up to

13.4 knots

Bollard pull

55 T

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