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Silja Europa - one of the world's biggest cruise ferries in Remontowa for emergency and planned repairs and maintenance

Silja Europa, which ranks fifth among the world's largest cruise ferries, arrived to Remontowa SA at the break of November and December for both emergency repairs to its rudder and planned maintenance, overhauls and repairs. Cruise ferry Silja Europa was on her way from Stockholm to Turku, about a week before eventual arrival to Remontowa, when technical problems with steering system occurred in the afternoon. The next morning the emergency tow of the ferry to Turku, Finland, started. The ferry arrived to Finnish port on the afternoon. Due to the quick and professional work of the crew and master, there was no threat to people on board or the ship after the rudder failure. It was discovered that the rudder shaft was damaged during a cruise.

From Turku, the ferry was first taken to a ship repair yard in Riga, however, since the Owner decided to combine the rudder repair with a normal visit to the dock, the ship was transferred to Remontowa, as the shipyard in Gdansk is better suited for that purpose - according to the words of company's spokesman Laura Saksala, quoted by Finnish media.
Silja Europa arrived to Gdansk based yard on November 30 and was docked by the evening of the very next day. The cause of damage to starboard rudder shaft was not immediately determined by Finnish and Polish specialists, including yard engineers, Owner's technical team and representatives of accident investigation department at Finland's Maritime Administration as of December 2 - the first day after ship docking, as there were no signs of any external damage to the rudder visible. To facilitate the determination of rudder breakdown reasons, not only the starboard damaged one but also the second rudder was put into detailed examination by specialists. If, after determination of the cause and nature of the failure, it appears necessary and is ordered by the Owner, the modifications or preventive repairs also to the second rudder (which was working well) will also be made at the yard as a precaution, to avoid any similar failure in future operation of the vessel.

But, besides repairing the damaged rudder and overhauling the second one, the yard will also perform quite extensive range of planned maintenance and repair works, including water- and sandblasting of the hull and painting of the underwater and above the water (hull and superstructure) surfaces, overhaul of sea chests / bottom valves, etc. If the Owner does not extend the scope of ordered works, the ferry is expected to leave Gdansk after around 10 days long stay at the yard.
Gdansk Shiprepair Yard "Remontowa" SA has a vast experience with maintenance, repairs, upgrading and conversions of ferries, including the largest ones, with many renowned ferry operators mainly from the Baltic, North Sea and English Channel, such as: Stena Line, Finnlines, Color Line, Scandlines, Brittany Ferries, etc. Besides unexpected visit of Silja Europa, five medium sized and big ferries are booked for maintenance and repairs within the next two months.

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