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Remontowa S.A. has proven its vast capabilities in applying new technologies onboard repaired, converted or upgraded ships on many occasions. Now it is offering the right solution for the problem of ballast waters.

Ballast water is a major water stream to and from oceangoing vessels whose cargo situation and loading condition varies from destination to destination. The use of ballast to stabilize a partly empty ship and retain similar operating characteristics regardless of cargo situation is a very old principle. The earliest form of ballast were stones, sand and similar, while today sophisticated tank systems are used to utilize the very water in which the ship operates. When the cargo hold is almost empty, a high volume (and weight) of water is pumped into the ballast tanks to compensate for the loss of cargo weight, to be released in the next port when new cargo is loaded.

This loading and releasing of seawater has recently been subject to much discussion, as it turns out that water moved from one end of the world to another has brought organisms which are not usually found in the target area. The introduction of such non-indigenous organisms have in certain cases upset local ecosystems, with potentially disastrous results.

To prevent the above situation, the International Maritime Organisation (IMO) adopted the Global Ballast Water Convention in 2004, which clearly states how ballast water should be treated before release into the sea. Vessels built prior to 2009 should comply with the convention latest 2014 or 2016, depending on the ballast water capacity of the vessel, while vessels built during or after 2009 have to comply immediately. The Convention is at the moment ratified by 27 states. It will enter into force 12 months after ratification by 30 States, representing 35 per cent of world merchant shipping tonnage.

Remontowa S.A. has the capability, facilities and technical expertise to install the BWT systems offered by the world's leading manufacturers such as Wärtsilä i.a. onboard ships. Together with Remontowa Marine Design & Consulting, we are able to provide expertise supporting owners in their WBT system choices. To meet the challenge, we have created a dedicated multi-specialist team of engineers who discussed the issue with major WBT suppliers and prepared necessary documentation. The yard has a track record in installing different types of WBT systems on board existing vessels and new ones, as well.

We have already installed the BWT systems on the following ships:
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To find the examples of the BWT systems installed as of March 2015, please read our commercial brochure ready for download below.
Ballast Water Treatment as of March 2015: Ballast Water Treatment.pdf

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