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Late October another ferry entered the port of Gdańsk and moored at one of the "Remontowa's" berths. Not for periodical survey and repairs this time. Large double-ended car and passenger ferry Schleswig-Holstein owned by Scandlines came for a major conversion of its exhaust gas system.

The 1997, Van der Giessen de Noord built ferry serves the busy Puttgarden-Rodby service. It accommodates more than 360 cars and over 1000 passengers. The ferry makes a crossing of 18 km in roughly 45 minutes.
Prior to the ferry's arrival to Remontowa S.A., prefabrication and preassembly of a new funnel and part of engine casing to house new exhaust gas cleaning system had begun.

The scrubber system enclosed in new starboard funnel structure was installed, during a complex operation, while the ship was docked, a week after the ship's arrival. The contracted scope of works also included docking standard jobs, engine removal 70 ton weight, tanks and hull blasting and painting.
This is just another such conversion completed after three DFDS Seaways operated ro-ro's received new funnels and scrubbers system at "Remontowa" in July and August.

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