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More than 2000 exhibitors from over 60 countries worldwide and 50 000 industry visitors are expected to attend the event. With newbuilding prices at a low level and tough environmental and efficiency requirements ahead, the time is right for shipowning companies to invest in modernising their fleets.
Ship technology is becoming more important. Energy efficiency, green shipping, ship deployment to extreme regions, and niche markets are some of the catchwords.

Marine experts agree, that we are presently dealing with enormous challenges, such as the emission control areas and the ballast water convention. Due to environmental regulations we should be under no illusions: as of 2015 no ship fuels with a sulphur content of 0,1 per cent or more will be allowed. As of 2016, the NOx emissions of newly launched ships must be reduced to about 25 per cent of the current value. And as of 2020, all HFO is expected to be banned. These limits are now being implemented in the emission control areas (ECAs) in the North Sea, the Baltic Sea and along the North American shorelines.
Nowadays however, both shipyards and shipowners doing business in SECA (Sulphur Emission Control Area) are focused on adjusting existing fleet to new environmental regulations. Regardless of ordering new LNG powered vessels, the most burning issue is how to adapt ships in operation to conform with new legislation which will come into force in 2015 in the SECA.
As an alternative approach, scrubber units can be installed on board to extract sulphur oxides and particles from ship exhaust gas. Many shipowners having the ships operating in the SECA are still hesitant. However, more and more owners have decided to invest in scrubber installation on the ships they operate on European waters.

Scandlines plans to install exhaust gas scrubbers on all of its “Bird Flight Line” ferries. The Danish shipping company DFDS is investing in scrubber units for its vessels. And Remontowa Shiprepair Yard, member of Remontowa Holding  is entirely involved in this latter project having these ships retrofitted at our yard.
So far we have already installed scrubbers on the following DFDS ships:
  • Petunia Seaways, Magnolia Seaways Selandia Seaways (in 2013),
  • Victoria Seaways, Optima Seaways, Britannia Seaways, Primula Seaways, Begonia Seaways, Freesia Seaways and Suecia Seaways (until July 2014)
Since we have recognized the challenge at very early stage, dealing with the various scrubber systems available on the market on a daily basis, we are ready to assist shipowners in finding the best solutions for their vessels. That’s why visiting us at our stand B4.EG.206. during SMM 2014 is worth considering…

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