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Towage of the platform to its destination followed the required inclining test previously carried out at our yard and final marine system trials performed in a deep water location offshore Gdańsk. Upon completion of those trials, the FPF-1 commenced the tow to the Stella field. Further updates were provided once towing operations had commenced.

Ithaca said the platform had been materially upgraded to the requirements of the GSA hub.
– We are delighted with the quality and completeness of the vessel, having achieved our key objective of completing the onshore scope in the yard and avoided costly carry over of unfinished work offshore – commented Les Thomas, Chief Executive Officer of Ithaca. – Our existing production business is performing well, with volumes running ahead of guidance and continued deleveraging being delivered ahead of Stella start-up.
According to Ithaca's announcement released on October 6, 2016, the FPF-1 was safely towed to the field, moored on location and the dynamic risers and umbilical connecting the subsea infrastructure to the vessel installed.
The FPF-1 offshore commissioning programme was on-going, involving preparation of the topsides processing and utility systems for the introduction of hydrocarbons. This work was well advanced, with the operations team focused on completing the required inspections and associated readiness activities required to enable a safe and efficient start-up of the wells.  
The FPF-1 floating production semi-submersible platform operated by Petrofac has been converted by Remontowa Shiprepair Yard SA. The platform was built practically from the scratch (receiving all new topsides) at Remontowa SA during 2012-2015.

At the shipyard the facility was entirely modified and upgraded. Transverse pontoons have had sponsons attached for increased displacement. Columns and pontoons have also been modified by adding buoyancy structures improving stability. Main deck and superstructure / living quarters block have been modified and strengthened with requirements of the new processing modules and new accommodation needs on mind.
All equipment of the platform besides pump rooms in floaters, especially the produced oil processing plant, have been installed or built from the scratch. The platform has the brand new mooring system installed with four winches, a dozen of chain stoppers and twelve anchor chains with pile anchors.
Entirely new is the outfitting of the superstructure / living quarters block providing accommodation for 74 persons and technical compartments as well. New equipment, facilities and systems installed also include power distribution system, full set of electrical, radio-navigation, communications, remote control, monitoring and safety (electronic automation) systems.
All installations and outfitting on the semi-sub are new. This also relates to lifeboats, safety systems, helideck with appropriate installations and two offshore deck cranes.
Over 26 000 employees in total have worked on the platform. There have been as many as 60 km of pipelines and 600 km of cables laid as well as new devices weighing of 1500 tons installed.

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